Jamesse Prestige

The quest to attain excellence has led Lehmann Glass to work with Philippe Jamesse, the head Sommelier at the Domaine les Crayères (4 Gault & Millau chef’s toques, 2 Michelin starred). In 2016, the collection has evolved to adapt to recent trends and to meet the increasing demand of wine served by the glass.

• The pointed base is pronounced to enhance the long and precise effervescence of Champagne and also provides a precise starting point for swirling still wines.

• The wide and generous roundness of each glass permits an optimal stretching of the wine.

• The glasses curve in delicately thereby allowing the aromas time to be released.

• The clarity of the glass makes it possible to discern all the colour shades of the wine.

“The spherical shape of Jamesse Prestige glasses guides the evolution of fluids without forcing them and it favours the natural behaviour of effervescence.” Philippe Jamesse, Head Sommelier at Domaine Les Crayères colour shades of the wine.

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  • Lehmann Jamesse Prestige Grand Blanc 50

  • Lehmann Jamesse Prestige Grand Blanc 76

  • Lehmann Jamesse Prestige Grand Champagne 45

  • Lehmann Jamesse Prestige Grand Rouge 77

  • Lehmann Jamesse Prestige Premium 30 Flute

  • Lehmann Jamesse Prestige Synergie 50

  • Lehmann Jamesse Prestige Synergie 75